Gizmoids was founded with the intention of bringing together all the best news and happenings about popular science, evolution and progress from all over the globe under one banner. Although Gizmoids, as a publication deals primarily with technology, entertainment and consumer electronics, its purview covers everything from climate changes to advanced theoretical physics.

Gizmoids is updated multiple times daily by a team of seasoned authors with years of journalistic experience. Every article is vetted thoroughly for its accuracy and veracity before being published.


Our logo

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The Gizmoids wheel isn’t just a logo. It’s a philosophy.

The wheel was one of the first and most important inventions by humans. With the invention of wheel, travel and transport became easier – it led to enhanced communication, leading further up to progress and prosperity.

The wi-fi symbol denotes the transition from the early inventions to the Internet Age we are living in today. Like the wheel, the Internet has enhanced communication, and made the world a small place. The Gizmoids symbol, thus, is a representative of progress, knowledge and growth. The subtle ‘smaller than’ symbol around the wi-fi symbol also points at the things getting bigger and better with time and an indicator of the amazing future we have ahead of us.

As our symbol suggests, we are here to bring to you stories about progress, evolution and hope. Gizmoids will go all out to chronicle events and inventions that make our life better and bolster humanity’s development.

Count on us to enrich your reading experience with stories which amaze, engage and enrich. Wish us luck!

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