Not for nothing, they call him the ‘King Khan’. Almost always at his best behavior, save for a few debatable instances, the witty and extremely popular actor is known to be kind and grounded in his personal life. Someone who enjoys playing video games in his free time, unlike his colleague, Shahrukh Khan leaves his GTA life on the console.

Recently, his sensitivity towards the common man came to the fore, when he reached the residence of his Dear Zindagi co-star Alia Bhatt to extend his best wishes on the occasion of her 24th birthday. As expected, the actor was greeted by a mob of photographers, among whom, a rookie lensman got excited after spotting the star and failed to notice the speed of the approaching car. As a result, the actor’s car tyre rolled over the lens-man’s foot.

The moment Shah Rukh saw the incident, he stepped out of the car to make sure that the photographer was fine. He asked his bodyguard to take the injured man to the Nanavati hospital and also assured that he will take care of the medical expenses.

According to an eye-witness, “The photographer who got injured is a new guy and he got extremely excited seeing the actor. He tried his level best to capture Shah Rukh in his favour and didn’t realise that he will hurt himself as the car was moving at full speed. But thankfully nothing major happened and the situation is now under control.”

Source and Images:Indian Express