Don’t have any plans for the weekend? Here are five must watch foreign films that you can enjoy over a weekend on online streaming services such as Netflix.

Here are five internationally acclaimed films that can be streamed on Netflix.

Sand Storm-Israel: This 2016 Award winning Israeli film starring Lamis Ammar is about a bedouin patriarch who takes on a second wife. Watch this emotional drama as his first wife chafes against her changing status while his daughter chases her own dreams of autonomy.

Palm Trees in the Snow- Spain: Watch a young woman journey to her family’s tropical plantation to uncover generations of secrets post finding a tantalizing clue in an old letter. This Spanish romantic drama film is directed by Fernando González Molina, starring Mario Casa, Adriana Ugarte and Macarena García.

The African Doctor-France: This is a 2016 French comedy-drama film based on the life of the father of the musician Kamini, co-written by Kamini and directed by Julien Rambaldi. After escaping a dictatorship, a Congolese doctor moves his family to a small French village, where culture shock sets in for everyone.

Belgica-Belgium: Watch two brothers become partners in a modest nightclub and turn it into one of the most exciting and happening hot spots in town. However in this Belgian drama film, their exhilarating success comes at a price.

Pandora- South Korea: When an earthquake hits a Korean village housing a run-down nuclear power plant, a man risks his life to save the country from imminent disaster. This emotional suspense drama is directed by Jung-woo Park.