A new online rumor has surfaced which claims that Nokia’s flagship phone will arrive in June 2017. It also claims that two variants of the phone will be launched with different screen sizes. However, specifications will largely be the same. Powering both the devices will be Qualcomm’s latest processor, the Snapdragon 835.

Both devices will be offered with a choice of either 4GB or 6GB of Ram and will sport a dual camera setup at the back. Wrapped in a metal, unibody design, expect the devices to come with an IP68 rating, which will go well with Nokia’s image of building rugged, durable phones which can withstand abuse. Nokia has officially clarified that none of its devices will carry Carl Zeiss sourced lenses, or a PureView branding.

At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia reignited the feature phone segment with the new 3310. The legendary device now gets a colour display, a camera, yet continues to look pretty similar to the device we all loved. Moreover, they have retained the very popular game of ‘Snake’, which can also be enjoyed now on Facebook. The company also introduced their ‘3’, ‘5’ and ‘6’ series mid-range phones, which are powered by Android and are expected to arrive in India by May 2017.