A blind man once said Love is blind. Little did he know that it chose to be like that at will. And that saying truly doesn’t apply for current times. A time when what you use to get by everyday, decides who gives you their attention and affection. Match.com recently conducted a survey among 5,500 American cellphone users aged over 18 and came out with some new age facts.

Over 75% of the singles who were surveyed admitted that answering your phone on a first date is a big turn-off. Over 58% don’t want to see your phone’s face up on the table, 66% don’t want the other person to text someone else while on a date and 45% thought that keeping the phone switched off and away altogether is a major turn-on.

Android users are 15x more likely to judge someone negatively for using an iPhone, while snobbish iPhone users are 21x more likely to judge Android users likewise. The survey also revealed that Gen Xers and Boomers are more likely than millennials to judge you negatively if your phone has a cracked screen. While new age women are 86% more likely to judge a man negatively for sticking to his phone with a cracked screen.

When asked about the turn-ons and turn-offs of each other’s social media behaviour, 57% singles admitted that Social Media has triggered their FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). When asked how do they judge a person, based on their social media posts, 39% said they would notice Grammar, 37% of those paid a lot of attention on Teeth & Smile, while 35% judged how the person is dressed. Among major turn-offs, 50% thought that a person’s constant social media activity and complaining openly about something on Facebook, made them cringe.

The things which happen to be a turn-on for these millennials is something as simple as a phone call, where 29% singles admitted it flicked their switch. Not being on social media at all is a turn-on for 26% of the survey participants. This generation is 270% more likely to think that it’s hot if you’re binge watching the same TV shows.

The survey revealed that over 22% millennials are more likely to feel that technology has made finding love more difficult. Over 57% are lonely, but they are resilient and 125% more likely to admit that they’re addicted to the process of making a love connection, in comparison to preceding generations. They are also 57% more likely to have created a profile on a dating app, and are 30% more likely to have a first date that leads to a second. Millennials are also 48% more likely to use a one-night stand as a way to start a relationship.

Women readers take note. The survey has revealed that only 12% of single men are interested to date someone casually. They are also 73% more likely than women to believe that sex helps you realize whether or not you love someone. Interestingly, men are 43% more likely than women to feel that sex helps to build a strong emotional connect. Among the men surveyed, 38% felt that the number one turn-on for them was a woman who’s a self-starter or an entrepreneur.