Honeywell will be providing India’s Jet Airways its GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software. It is a part of the GoDirect Flight Services family of Connected Aircraft technologies. The fuel efficiency software reduces fuel use and costs for the airline. Jet Airways has joined the list of global customers including Etihad Airways, Finnair, Japan Airlines and Turkish Airlines which are already using the software. The software is claimed to provide a full range of data analysis, reporting and monitoring tools for enhanced fuel conservation.

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The Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software analyzes data from more than 100 reports that integrate with existing airline systems through a user-friendly data interface. The service offers fuel-saving recommendations, which airlines can quickly deploy into existing or customized analytics reports and dashboards. It is also claimed to help lower carbon emissions from international flights, in accordance with recent changes to the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gases. Existing users of the software have reported fuel savings of more than 2 percent annually.

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On the occasion, Jason Wissink, senior sales director, Connectivity Services, Honeywell Aerospace said that fuel consumption accounts for as much as 20 to 40 percent of an airline’s operating costs. Flight efficiency services are an important part of the global aviation industry, helping airlines reduce costs significantly and help regulate emissions, which India has committed to reducing. He further added that their GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software is flexible enough to integrate with Jet Airways’ existing aircraft systems, enabling fast deployment and the ability to support fleet growth.