Adding to the series of indoor air purifiers in India for homes, cars, and institutions, Honeywell has launched air purifiers for apartment homes. Dubbed as Honeywell Lite indoor air purifier, it is a compact and powerful do-it-yourself (DIY) product. Priced at INR 19,990, the air purifier can purify the air in modern, compact apartment homes from 175 to 250 square feet.

The Honeywell Lite indoor air purifier comes with a clean air delivery rate (CADR1), and its anti-UV-coated outer body is said to be more durable than before, and an interactive touch panel.  The touch panel offers various controls including child lock, timer and sleep mode. The timer feature can enable longer filter life and reduce running costs. The power consumption of Honeywell Lite indoor air purifier is claimed to be economical as its uses electricity equivalent to only three compact fluorescent light bulbs. The filtration involves a three-stage advanced process to eliminate more than 99 percent of air pollutants that pass through the filter, including PM2.5, pollen, bacteria, formaldehydes, toxic gases, and odor – all of which are common indoor air pollutants in homes.


Speaking on the launch,  Vinayendra Jain, director of Connected Homes, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, India said that most people are unaware of the more harmful air pollutants that flourish indoors in the seemingly safe enclosures of our homes, cars or offices. He further added that furnishings, cleaning agents, cooking, pets and accumulated dust in enclosed spaces contribute to this indoor pollution. As such, it is important to educate people about indoor air pollution.  Space constraints or price tags should not prevent anyone from being able to afford a good clean air solution. The Honeywell Lite Indoor Air Purifier is an affordable solution for anyone who wants a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment.