What if there was a device which could turn any flat surface in your house into an interactive display that works just like your smartphone, minus all that 5-inch something mass. At the MWC 2017, Sony has taken that idea and given it form. The Xperia Touch is an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a 23” HD touchscreen, with either horizontal or vertical ultrashort-throw projection.

The interface is fast, fluid and responsive to physical touch – it’s built using Sony’s SXRD projection display technology, and touch is made possible through a combination of Infrared light and real-time detection via its built-in camera, at a rate of 60 frames-per-second.

Unlike traditional projectors, the Xperia Touch device does more than putting on a show. It turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into an interactive screen. The Xperia Touchportable projector doesn’t just show images, it responds to you and your touch. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

With this device, you may choose to watch your favourite video content on a screen as large as 80 inches. Stream directly from apps or connect to your devices. If you’re in the kitchen, the Xperia Touch can turn the platform into a screen and let you scroll through your recipe app as you bake, or plot a route from your dining table using map applications. The device also has a proximity sensor which  automatically turns the device on when it senses your approach. So you may use it as a message board by the front door to keep everyone informed. Or set it up as a wall clock that appears when you’re in the room.

The home screen skin is engineered specifically for touch – designed to be both minimalistic and accessible in brightly lit or dark conditions. It provides real-time weather information, a memo board for doodles or video notes, calendar access and a Skype portal for video chat. Xperia Touch is also compatible with PlayStation 4 Remote Play, and will run any app or game downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The device will be available via select retailers in Europe and the Xperia Store Online in select countries starting Spring 2017. However, at an asking price of €1499 (Approx Rs. 1,06,00), it remains a want rather than becoming a need.