The Internet is a weirdly amazing platform for just about anyone to become famous. From a certain tea vendor whose photograph went viral and landed him a modelling contract, to many others who’ve harnessed the web’s outreach to transform their lives, know the web’s power.

For some though, it can be an unforgiving place. Like this girl from Louisiana in the US found out. Alyssa wore a dress, one that she thought made her look uber glamorous and then went on to post a selfie on Twitter. She captioned the photo, “Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this.”

What happened next must’ve made her Mom happy though. As idle men and women across the world turned critics and pointed out the mess in the background. Some with really sharp vision could also point out a rodent in the mess. ome just criticized, while one forgiving soul even went to the extent of photoshopping the picture and cleared the mess for her.

She got back with an excuse to her followers, stating that her room was under construction. Nobody knew what was being constructed though. Anyways, she now has 104 more followers, thanks to these weird conditions of the modern world.