Old flame or that girl/guy you fancy who’s just uploaded a new profile picture. It could probably be the conversation you want to secretly keep a record of. For most users who’ve used their phone’s screenshot feature to indulge in such activities, rumors about WhatsApp notifying people when someone takes a screenshot of the conversation must’ve been worrying. However, the rumor, is probably just that.

News about such a feature coming into effect on the popular messaging app starting February 5 has been floating across various channels, but turns out, it was just a hoax. How do we know? Because every time WhatsApp introduces a new feature through its updates, they announce it on their official blog, where no such information can be found. Also, the news hasn’t surfaced on any prominent publication or website, other than ‘8SHIT.net’, which as the name suggests, has probably published the story for their 2 seconds of fame or as an early fool’s day prank.

The article on 8SHIT mentions that the information has been sourced from an official statement made by Jan Koum, CEO, WhatsApp. Where the reason to introduce such a feature is because Jan is tired of his girlfriend screenshotting his chats. That’s why he wants to make the feature available for everyone feeling the same way. Furthermore, there are several users asking Koum to add an option to notify when a nude is forwarded. Where Koum stated that he might be considering it.

Earlier, there were rumors doing the rounds about Instagram notifying users if someone took a screenshot of their pictures. However, the image sharing app had to later clarify that there was no substance to the rumor.