Android users in India are the primary targets of this latest WhatsApp scam, reported IBTimes. There is no particular operating system that is being considered as the most vulnerable one. However, it is worth noting that such sorts of malware campaigns are generally designed to work on Google’s operating system instead of the iOS.

In this latest scam, the hackers behind the campaign are distributing the malware through two files which are named “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls” and “NIA-selection-order-.xls” respectively. These files are reportedly being circulated via WhatsApp in the form of authentic word files which upon downloading obtains sensitive information from users including online banking credentials, PIN codes, etc.

it has been speculated that the men and women in defence, paramilitary, police forces and their relatives and acquaintances could be the target groups. The officials concerned also said the advisory has already been shared with the field formations of these aforementioned security forces so that the active troops and officers on the ground are made aware and alerted against this virus which has been seen prowling in the instant messaging application.