Our very own strongman, the Great Khali has some new found competition. And not just him, strongmen across the World will need to watch out for this 25-year old man from Pakistan. Weighing 435 kilos, Arbab Khizer Hayat eats 36 eggs, almost 3 kilos of meat and 5 liters of milk everyday. Claiming to be the Strongest Man on Earth, in Pakistan, the Giant can embarrass a Farm Tractor while he’s comfortably seated on a cot!


The proof’s in this video, where he arrives in the courtyard of his house like a WWE Wrestler, even mimics their silly theatrics and then goes on to make two cars struggle, as they try to break away in reverse. Hayat started his journey at a very young age, when he began lifting weights and then realized that his true calling was weightlifting and Stongman Championships.

He has been emptying poultry farms, dairies and slaughter houses since then, with an aim to shine on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stage. Heck, he even roams around with a replica WWE belt. Watch the video, you might think he’s all flab and no muscle, but standing tall at 6ft 3 in, he’s go no health issues and is hungry for more. Literally hungry! We really hope this gentle giant makes a good name for himself and his country.