After ending their association with Nokia, Microsoft it seemed had ignored the Mobile Phone segment. However, images of a Microsoft Surface phone have surfaced online. The size suggests it will fall in the Phablet scheme of things and looking at the pictures, it seems Microsoft is still hungover on the Lumia series’ design language.

According to the source of these leaked images, Microsoft, after its dissociation with brand Nokia, was quietly working on a mobile device. They wanted it to be the ‘Ultimate’ mobile device that brought an exciting new experience to pockets and offered something new, something that is all that a smartphone user will ever need.

If and when it becomes reality, expect the Surface device to run Windows 10, backed by one of Qualcomm’s top notch SoCs. Apparently, Microsof had recently put up a demo of a full Windows 10 experience, powere by a Snapdragon 820 SoC. Rumors suggest, the software giant has also begun a trial production of the device, preparing for a possible launch, some time in 2017. Expect some new windows to open up in the smartphone world this year then.

Source: k-juma