In a leaked image, which suggests that the object in the picture is an actual Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone seems to have lost its ‘Home’ button. What looks like the real deal, the phone, finished in a shade of Gold, also seems to sport a dual-edge curved display.

Getting rid of the Home button at the bottom, the Galaxy S8 could boast of a bigger screen-to-body ratio. Rumors also suggest that while there used to be an ‘Edge’ version earlier for Samsung’s flagship phone, this time, there will only be one model sporting a curved display. There are also reports which claim that the S8 will be backed by 8 GB of RAM and possibly dump the 3.5mm jack for a wireless setup. It will almost certainly be powered by the recently revealed, Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 835 SoC. Samsung’s pressure sensitive display technology could also make its debut, while it will be safe to expect top-notch lenses handling imaging capabilities.

According to some rumors floating on the internet, Samsung has pushed back the launch of its S8 to April and might not reveal the phone at the MWC in February.

Image Source: Weibo