After tweeting a video of what Pakistan claims was the successful test launch of its nuclear capable ‘Babur’ missile, top sources in the Indian Navy have reasons to believe that the video was fudged. Pakistan claimed it had successfully completed its ‘Nuclear Triad’ by launching the missile from a Submarine on Monday, since it already has land-based ballistic missiles and bombs which can be carried by fighters. However, the Indian Navy, which monitors all such activities, has confirmed there was no such test which took place that day and was quick to point out flaws in what looked like a staged missile test conducted by Pakistan.

In the video, the missile is seen exiting the water from what Pakistan says is a Submarine. It then cruises in the air and then goes on to successfully strike the target. However, as pointed out by the Indian Navy, the missile which exits the water is ‘grey’ in colour, while the one that later cruises in the air, turns ‘orange’ by the time it reaches the coast. Unless missiles these days have developed Chameleon like qualities, it is difficult to believe that they can change colour mid-flight and turn Orange from Grey. Had it been the U.S. testing such a missile, it could be believed. But if a country like Pakistan, which ignites its ammo from borrowed matches does that, it is a little difficult to be convinced.

While Pakistan claimed the launch of their 450-km Nuclear capable ‘Babur’ Missile happened from one of their submarines, the Indian Navy is certain that the test shown in the video is from a submerged, floating launch platform. Naval Sources also believe that the video has been interlaced with older test footage.

Source: NDTV