On New Year’s Eve, The National Security Guard website was allegedly hacked by hackers from Pakistan. It is believed that the hackers were from Pakistan origin because the hack resulted in anti India content on the website and a profanity laden message against the Prime Minister. Getting heads on into this cyber war, Indian hackers have now hacked the airport websites of prime cities in Pakistan – Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and Karachi.

The retaliatory attack not only brought the website down, but the attackers have also injected it with a ransomware malware that now prevents them from restoring the website. The hackers have now locked the access to the website and have demanded BitCoins (virtual money) in exchange to unlock it.

One of the Indian hackers who were involved in the counterstrike had a conversation with Mail Today, and have declared that many other important Pakistani websites are under their control. But they will be compromised only if the neighboring country opens an attack against India. According to the hacker, “We have been closely monitoring attacks coming from Pakistan. They have been engulfed in spreading hatred and abusing India and government. We have control of many Pakistani website and each attack will get a stricter reply from our side.”


News Source: India Today