Looks like the smartphone manufacturing sector is reeling under some defective fever. And it seems to be infectious. After exploding Samsungs, the Google Pixel has now decided to become infamous. Although the issue isn’t as burning as it was with the Note 7, hearing is where the problem lies. After several complaints were raised by multiple users, Google has acknowledged that a problem lies with the phone’s hardware which affects the audio.

The trouble lies with the phone’s speaker, where users would hear static distortion during playback at high volume. Although the problem would only raise its head when certain frequencies were played and users would then hear a cracking noise from the Pixel XL’s speaker. It did not seem to be a device specific problem either, as one user had his phone replaced five times since the first purchase, but the speaker still could not behave.

When brought to Google’s notice by a certain Mr John Buckman, who first noticed the problem, their Store Support team acknowledged the issue, stating that it is a known hardware problem affecting a certain build of all the Pixel phones and cannot be solved by a software update. The team also initially offered a refund to Buckman, but following the lapse of 14 days following the refund offer, Google Store Support offered to replace the unit for him. The team has further clarified that no refunds are being processed based on the same issue. However, we hope the problem lies with only a certain batch of phones and as found out by our Editor (Click to see what the Google Pixel camera can do in low-light), it still happens to be among the best devices out there you could buy.