Xiaomi is fast emerging to become a flagship killer in quite a lot of electronic device categories. Take the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 for instance. It features a 4.9 mm thick frame, which is thinner than quite a lot of smartphones out there. And its 65″ model will be priced under $2000!

The Mi TV 4 is a high-end television that features a modular system that separates the panel from the rest of the electronics. So if there is ever a need to upgrade, one can simply swap the motherboard of any such peripherals in a jiffy. In addition to being almost frameless at the edges, the Mi TV 4 features Xiaomi’s “Patch Wall” software, which is said to be an AI system that can predict content based on what you’ve watched already. It comes with a soundbar that integrates 10 speakers, two wireless speakers, a subwoofer, and supports Dolby Atmos surround sound. Surprisingly, the speaker system is a part of the package for that price!

However, the Mi TV 4 is a China only product and  while a 49″ and a 59″ size will also be available, it isn’t really clear if this TV will ever find a passport and make its way to other parts of the world. We really hope it does.