In a blog post, Qualcomm has accidentally leaked details about the Asus Zenfone AR, which was supposed to be revealed at the CES 2017 by the Taiwanese phone maker. What’s the big deal? Well Asus perhaps had planned a pompous announcement, as according to the leaked post, the Zenfone AR is the world’s first phone to be both Tango-enabled and Daydream-ready. What’s that? Read on.

Tango is a set of sensors and computer vision software that supports an augmented reality (AR) experience on a smartphone, while ‘Daydream’ is Google’s platform for high quality, mobile virtual reality. The leaked blog also revealed that the Zenfone AR is powered by a Snapdragon 821 SoC, which also powers the OnePlus 3T and Google Pixel.

According to the now deleted blog post, “With the Zenfone AR and the Daydream View headset and controller, you’ll be able to explore new worlds with apps like Google Street View and Fantastic Beasts, dive into your personal VR cinema with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and HBO, and get your game on with Gunjack 2, LEGO BrickHeadz, Need for Speed and dozens other titles.

Image: Evleaks