Game of Thrones kept us guessing if Jon Snow would rise from the dead all year long, and rise he did, eventually. And while we don’t have a character of the stature of Jon at stake for Game of Throne Season 7, we are bracing for some action packed skirmishes for sure. With 6 months still to go for the big daddy of all TV shows, HBO has dropped the first glimpse of its blood smeared crown jewel in a preview video of its 2017 shows.


The preview video talks about all the new shows that the network would air, and, Game of Thrones, with three scenes from the season comprising Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark. The clip comprising Game of Thrones lasts all of two seconds, but it’s good to know that the three lead characters would breathe at least for a while – unless one George R R Martin decides to turn them into smashed beetles.

From what we can see, though, the Stark trio (Okay, one of them Snow, for the technically correct ones among you ) is alive, if not particularly well. So while Jon Snow is striking his classical brooding pose, Sansa seems to have a lot of anger within, with an intent to kick some serious ass. Arya looks miserable, but we’re quite sure she’s up to some ass kicking as well.


In all, we have more than just a hunch that we might see the trio together in the coming season.

You can check out the complete sequence below.