Walking a step further from Microblogging, Twitter has started streaming 360-degree videos from popular and interesting users, which allows followers to interact and become a part of live broadcasts. The first such video was shared by broadcaster Alex Pettitt, via twitter’s Periscope app. It allowed users to watch the sunset in Florida from different angles, once they clicked on the stream.

Twitter is currently testing 360 broadcasts with a small group of partners, and will be rolling out the feature more broadly during the coming weeks. In a blog post, the Periscope team said, “Live 360 video isn’t just about taking you to places you’ve never been; it’s about connecting you with people and letting you experience something new with them. With these videos, the broadcaster anchors the experience so you can be present with them from whatever environment they’re sharing from.”

Starting today, you’ll be able to join live 360 videos on Periscope and Twitter from some incredible broadcasters – getting front-row access at exclusive events, traveling to places across the globe, and getting up close with well-known personalities.” So for all of you who’ve been mad about famous people and their lives, let’s hope they join this party and share some moments of their life with you. For a few others, this could be technology’s dagger, cutting a deeper incision in private lives.