Transformers tale has been one of my favorites since the time the series hit the Indian shores. It all started in the 1990s (Gosh that sounds ancient!) when the series was called – The Transformers, a 2D cartoon that we know as The Transformers Generation one or simply G1. There were no VFX then, nor 3D tech or even Michael Bay’s involvement but still had enough action to keep you engaged. If there was anything or anyone common between the G1 and the latest Transformers film franchise then it was the voice of Optimus Prime – Peter Cullen. This guy gave Optimus the voice he deserved!

When Michael Bay took over and released the first installment almost a decade ago in 2007, the visual treatment of the movie was unbelievable and movie after movie the action became more and more engaging. The latest edition is in the making and is coming next year on 23 June 2017. Being Michael Bay’s last directorial of the franchise, the man is going to make sure that he will wrap super action sequences in astounding special effects and a story-line that will take the game to a whole new level.


So coming to the upcoming edition, the first ever trailer has been released and it looks kick-ass. It starts off through an ancient timeline where you see humans on horses battling against each other with some mythical three-headed creature flying around. The run is similar to all the previous trailers where Optimus is either going or dying and then being revived. The basic note voiced by Sir Anthony Hopkins is ‘Without sacrifice, there is no victory’.


So the main highlight of the trailer is that Optimus is dead and drifting out to infinity in out space and then suddenly he is back in action and on planet earth with a violet hue in his eyes suggesting that he is under some evil influence. And under the wicked mode, Bad-Optimus takes down Bumble Bee. But before he draws the blade out of his wrist, Bad-Optimus apologizes to Bee and plunges it through, maybe, Bee.

So where is Good-Optimus you may ask? Well, it seems Michael Bay has adopted the Dark Awakening episode for The Last Knight’s story-line. After Optimus miraculously comes back from the tomb, Hot Rod (Rodimus) hands over the Matrix to him and he (Prime) loses it.


He apologizes and starts to shoot with Hot Rod being his first target. A similar scene is seen in the new trailer where Bumble Bee is facing the brunt instead of Hot-Rod. That’s where the trailer closes and the wait for the Trailer # 2 begins!