We recently attended the OnePlus Pop-up event in Mumbai where we had the hands on experience of the all new OnePlus 3T and you can read all about it here. At the event, we also spoke with OnePlus India’s General Manager Vikas Agarwal and asked him about the new OnePlus 3T and the Company’s strategy in the future. Here is the edited transcript of the interview:

Q: What does the ‘T’ in OnePlus 3T stand for?

A: It’s just a letter. There is no definite explanation to ‘T’. The current trend in the market is to christen the devices with ‘S’ for eg. 5S, 6S, etc. So we thought of taking a step ahead and added the ‘T’.

Q: The OnePlus 3T is launched merely months after the OnePlus 3. Is this move to compete with other flagship phones in the market which are using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC right now?

A: I won’t say that’s the only reason. We want our devices to be the most competitive products. So of course, in that sense, yes. But the real reason is that we have made a number of hardware improvements which are difficult to pass on to the existing OnePlus 3 customers. As a company, our philosophy is to provide the best to our users so while we were releasing software upgrades every month, the hardware upgrades could not be passed on in the same way. Now that we have substantial improvement over the previous device, we launched the new device and that’s how the OnePlus 3T came along.

Q: The OnePlus 3T runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box. When will be the Nougat available for this?

A: It’s coming by the end of this month.

Q: What about the rest of the OnePlus line up?

A: The OnePlus 3 will also get it by the end of this month.

Q: What about the OnePlus 2, OnePlus 1 and OnePlus X?

A: We will share an update on that front in the future. Right now we can only confirm that the 3T and 3 will receive the Nougat update very soon.

Q: What about the future strategy? What are you planning in the short term and in the long run?

A: As a company, our philosophy is to continue to deliver one flagship product a year. In terms of channel strategy, we are going to continue to focus on online because (A) our users are all online and (B) it’s more efficient as compared to the offline. People will not feel comfortable buying the same device if we increase the price by INR 10,000-15,000. So we will continue to stick with our online strategy.

From the business perspective, I think the focus will be on strengthening our presence in India (A) in terms of producing device locally and being part of the Make in India program that the Indian Government is promoting and (B) the service because while we are doing sales, we are also making sure that the service support skills are upto the demand that we are generating. So the focus will also be around service. We already have six exclusive service centres in India and we are going to open six more in the coming months.

Q: Following the ‘Truth or Dare’ poll, we saw you do a bungee jump to reveal the India launch date of the OnePlus 3T. Are you planning anything special for your next launch?

A: I am open to all ideas. The idea here is to do something that our fans feel excited about. It should be something different, something that gets people’s attention. Routine launches keep happening so those things will anyway happen. But if we can do something that makes our fans happy, engages them better, we are always game to do those things. We have done crazy things like unboxing in a fighter jet. That shows how we want to really communicate the experience that the users will face while using a powerful device like OnePlus 3T.

Here’s the video of Vikas Agarwal’s bungee jump, in case you were wondering:

Will we see him skydive next time? Well, he’s open to the idea. He just needs a little push.