Planning an expedition to the North Pole? You may visit a colder Ontario instead, or carry an inflatable boat and light woolens if you’re still hellbent. Global warming isn’t kidding us and if there is any more proof required, buoys near the North Pole have recorded a temperature of -0.4 C, when the normal temperature for that region at this time of the year is a sack freezing -30 C.

Only once in the past has such a phenomenon been noticed in the region, and that too was unsurprisingly registered only five weeks ago, when an above average temperature of 20 C was recorded in the region. As the Arctic has already blanketed itself in the darkness of winter, according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre, up to 57,000 square miles of of Ocean ice has melted within a span of 24 hours!

Although many blame a powerful storm off the coast of Greenland to be the culprit for warmer Artic temperatures, researchers and weathermen do believe that Global Warming has played its part in this freak weather phenomena. In the meanwhile, there is now evidence that Reindeers in the area have been munching on shrubs all clean. In the process, it makes the landscape more reflective, which in turn helps solar radiation bounce back into space and keeps the area cooler.