They say America wasn’t built in a day. But if the Chinese decide to build another China in a day, they probably can. In sync with their obsession to get things done overnight, after electronics and the South China Sea, the Chinese finally decided to look up and now want some of Beijing’s purified air to travel to the Dark side of the Moon and to the Red planet.

The Country’s space agency released a policy paper earlier this week, which outlined the government’s ambitions to explore the depths of space. Apart from attempting a landing on the Dark side of the earth’s natural satellite by the end of 2018, Beijing aims to launch its first Mars probe by the end of 2020. The orbital and rover exploration probe will then be followed by another mission, which will attempt to collect samples.

They aren’t just stopping there. According to Mr.¬†Wu Yanhua, deputy chief of the National Space Administration, China will also send probes to Jupiter and its Moons, which is a part of its plan to dominate Space research by the year 2030.