An awful lot of us have this habit of slipping out of the car in a jiffy after turning the ignition off. Those who care to take a moment to engage the parking brake, and maybe slot that stick in a low gear, though, stand to gain. Well, not lose at least.

This hilarious video comprises a man getting out of his car to melt some snow with some help from his warm bodily liquids. He took Newton’s first law too lightly, though, and forgot to engage the parking brake on a slope. What followed created an insanely hilarious visual; it could well have been a part of a Hollywood comic.

While the video is hilarious, our sympathies are with the poor chap who had quite a bit of material damage to bear. We do, however have a few things to point out.

  1. The expression at 00:29 is absolutely priceless, and had us in splits
  2. Salute to the fortitude, athleticism and balance of this man for being able to run so fast even in snow.

On a concluding note, we have a very interesting question for you, though

What would you have done in this scenario ? 

Do lets us know via the comments section below, or let us know your genius through one of our social networks. Watch the video below. And Don’t forget letting us know what you would have done here