If you haven’t heard about it yet, you should now. At least if you own any Apple device. A 5 second video has been going viral owing to its capability to bring any Apple device to its knees just by playing it once. There’s absolutely no exception to the phenomenon – you play the video, and your phone or tablet would just crash, and there’s no remedy but to restart it via the two-key combo.

The video can be shared using a variety of applications, and it plays just fine. The fun starts after it ends. The device starts getting slow with the transition screens beginning to lag moments after the video ends, eventually freezing the device with no touch response.

Its not clear why this happens, but it is likely a corrupted video file which iOS is unable to handle when it is playing. The problem was first discovered by users on Reddit. .

If you wish to try this video and are scared about your device going kaput, you don’t need to worry. Once you restart your device everything works as before without any problems. So if you wish to witness one of those rare occasions when something crashes a new iOS device, go ahead and try it. You can also send the video to your friends as a prank.

You can see the buggy video in action below