If dreams had wheels and were powered by a V8 Twin Turbo then they would definitely look like a McLaren P1. With a combined power of little over 900 Bhp, this mad machine can go from 0 to out-of-reach in a blink. When introduced, the P1 was limited to only 375 units worldwide and each one has got their owners already. It was sold for a price tag of around USD 1.5 Million that roughly translates to INR 10 crore. While that is out of the reach of many, McLaren is in process of prepping a P1 for Christmas that can definitely fit your bill.


McLaren has been conducting exhaustive tests of their very first electric vehicle. This one is based on the McLaren P1 and has been doing rounds at the Goodwood Race Circuit. Hold your hearts and aww-s together, presenting the pocket-sized and pocket-friendly – the Ride-On McLaren P1 official!


Aimed at enthusiasts under the age of six, this fully electric McLaren P1 has a central driving position just like the McLaren F1 and has an open-top. It features the model’s signature dihedral doors. On the inside is a button stop/start function and an MP3 player. Interestingly the audio system is standard and pre-programmed with every popular nursery rhyme. The transmission comprises a reverse gear in addition to its three speed, forward transmission. The zero to maximum speed dash takes just two seconds, maximum speed just 4.8 kmph.


The 3799cc McLaren P1 has got a lot of impressive numbers to its credit. Starting from the 0-100kmph phenomenon, the P1 takes just 2.8 seconds and can do a top speed of 350kmph (electronically limited).

The Volcano Yellow Ride-on P1 will be globally available at selected McLaren retailers at a price of  £375 (approx INR 30,000)