Facebook had launched the Instant Articles services for Apple Devices earlier this year. This feature enables users to have an instant and a quick view on the News articles which are hosted on Facebook. This service was a great success on Apple Devices because of the faster and richer experience it gives to the user. As per research, better the reading experience, more are the articles shared. The loading time for Instant articles is 10 times lesser than in case of standard web articles. Hence, it is found that people tend to share Instant News articles more often as compared to standard web articles.

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Now the world’s biggest and fastest social Network will provide the same service to the Android users. A similar test was carried out with a small group of Android users on Facebook for several weeks. The results obtained were compatible with previous results and more people were inspired to share the news article.

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For the expansion of the Instant Articles program to Android, Facebook has already signed up 350 global media partners from all over the world, along with a few from India. The count is increasing daily. Around 100 global media partners have already contributed to the program by publishing Instant articles daily on Facebook. France’s Le Parisien and Paris Match; La Nacion of Argentina; Germany’s Spiegel; the Straits Times of Singapore; Britain’s Guardian; Telegraph and Daily Mail; India Times and many publications from US and Canada are some of the publications who are joining the Instant Article Program.


The source of revenue for media groups is sale of ads related to the articles. The revenue which is generated by selling ads on Facebook is split up between Facebook and media group. Some analysts are concerned that the control on the content and audience will be lost because of the Instant Articles Program and other similar services provided by Google and others.