When you want your imagination to realize, transforming those unique thoughts to reality, is often a challenge. Contributing further to the dilemma is the fact that communicating what you envision to someone, and for that person to align his/her skill set and expertise to bring your ingenuity to life, is often a tough ask. Enter Wix ADI, a groundbreaking platform which simplifies the process of creating a website by allowing you to take control.

Peeling away the complexities involved in creating a website, Wix ADI is the World’s first ever Artificial Intelligence web design solution which learns your needs and uses that intelligence to create the perfect site you always imagined. Unlike a human on the other side, the AI has been designed to submit its brilliance towards the task of creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind website and excel at it. It smartly syncs the information it derives after learning about you and picks an ideal combination from the billions available at its disposal, including layouts, images, text contact forms, and much more.

Futuristic need not be complex. Your experience with the Wix ADI starts with a few simple, yet vital questions which assist the AI to communicate with you and helps it to understand your needs. Once it knows what you desire, it intelligently taps into the billions of available combinations to create a matching and a visually arresting result which resembles the picture you have in mind. The platform respects and preserves individuality, by coming up with results where although it will build your website within minutes, no two sites will ever look the same. Understanding that there’s more to a website than just its design, Wix ADI even gathers resources from across the web and social media for relevant content that you can use as is or customize to your taste.

Like taking matters into your own hands? Or even if you wish to further individualize the automated result, Wix has you covered. Working in conjunction with the AI system, the Wix Editor lets you take control when what you visualize is truly unique. When you create a new site, you can choose if you want to build it using the Wix ADI or the Wix Editor. You can move from Wix ADI to the Editor at any time and choose to return to the most recent version of your ADI site using the Site History option.

Understanding that your website needs to support the purpose and needs of your business, as you grow, the Wix platform fully supports expansion and addition of features. For example, you may feel the need to start an online store, a blog, or allow your visitors to schedule an appointment. The unique platform has you covered and allows the addition of such services to your website in a lucid and seamless manner.

Change is constant and vital in keeping things fresh and interesting. However, bringing about that desired change can empty a good part of your bank account. Further, aligning existing content with those changes and ensuring that the website functions fault free is a big challenge. Not to mention that implementing any such change to a website’s framework is mostly manually done and is time-consuming. Those who already manage websites through traditional methods will know.

For the ones using the Wix ADI platform though, changing an image, adding a video, or even changing the website’s design theme altogether can be accomplished within a few clicks. Moreover, you may pick the layout of your choice and the content will automatically adjust and sync in harmony with the visual change. Wix ADI has quashed the need for an individual to communicate the change he/she desires to a subject expert, who then takes weeks to code a result which may or may not be in sync with how you expected your website to appear.

Gone are those times when creating a website was a privilege only a few individuals and businesses could afford. Wix was founded with the clear goal of making it easy for just anyone and everyone to create a website on their own and announce their online presence. And since revolutionary need not be out of reach, the English only Wix platform and its ADI brilliance is available to all, at all times, and lets them create their own one-of-a-kind site, for free! What are you waiting for? Come be a part of the revolution and take that step towards announcing your presence online!