Do you love spending time at music festivals? Then you know it’s all about enjoying nature and listening to music in a relaxing setting. You always promise you’ll leave your gadgets behind, right? We know that feeling. We know that’s never how it really works. Why should you leave your weapons behind? A smartphone can be a powerful tool to help improve your enjoyment of a music festival and avert typical annoyances of this kind of event. Does that sound like a stretch? Then consider this:

Switched on insurance have created a blog post complete with infographic covering all of the essential tech hacks that everyone should keep in mind for festival season. This visual outline of festival tech hacks looks really great and it’s genuinely useful… so if you want to print it out for easy reference: by all means, go ahead!

Have you ever lost track of your friends and spent the entire evening trying to locate them? There is a simple technological hack to make sure that will never happen again. Do you often have trouble because your phone runs out of battery much too soon? There is more than a way to fix that. What about keeping up with the schedule of all concerts? When you learn a simple trick we’ve figured out the hard way, you’ll feel like you own the festival. One last thing… you’re not the kind of person to forget about your health and well-being, are you? This blog post has figured as much, and that’s why they have made sure to write a full section covering health and security tips aimed at the technologically minded festival goers out there.

You are about to learn the finest tech hacks to help you get the most of festival season.

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