Appraisal was a plot twist? Is your boss Satan? Whether the digits on your payslip are fewer than those of Edward Scissorhands or you just got ghosted by yet another Tinder date, it’s time to go one-up on the horror story of life. When reality is bad, the only thing left is to Netflix and be terrified. So shut yourself in, turn down the lights and turn up the air conditioner because these movies will make your blood run cold. From ghosts and ghouls to spirits and psychopaths, dive headfirst into the escapist world of your choice.

Psycho: Running away from the city and real life for the summer? Rewatch the legendary Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, where a greedy clerk experiences for himself the horrors of the infamous Bates Hotel. The best way to watch this movie is in a hotel room in the hills or the woods – we guarantee that you won’t sleep for the rest of your holiday.

The Conjuring: Real life is scarier than fiction, and this movie is the ultimate proof. Invite the darkness into your own home, and watch as world-famous paranormal investigators attempt to decode the evil spirits terrorizing a family in a New England farmhouse.

The Ouija Experiment: Everyone’s played with Ouija boards growing up, but what happens when a harmless pastime opens a deadly mystery? A film student and his four friends find themselves out of their depth when they unwillingly open a portal to the spirit world and a drowned girl’s chilling secret.

Insidious: Chapter 2: Horror stories uncover our buried secrets and fears, as this family finds out when – while struggling to overcome their son’s battle with powerful spirits, the father is forced to confront his own horrifying childhood.

Mirrors: A fire-ravaged department store, Kiefer Sutherland as a security guard, and malevolent spirits living within the mirrors. This supernatural horror film is the ideal movie to watch with your buddies and hear them shriek.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!