Kids these days adopt to technology so early, they know about iPhones and Galaxies, even before they get acquainted with names like Fisher Price, Huggies and Lego. With the entire world available in their palms, it becomes a worrisome situation for parents who are concerned about what they explore before it’s time. Google has launched something which should calm their nerves down. Their new Android based app called Family Link gives parents the ability to control their children’s Android device usage. It allows them to manage and regulate what their kids download from the Google Play store, how much time they spend on apps, and also allows setting a bedtime on their kids’ device.

Acting as a governor, the Google Family Link app allows setting rules, where a google account can be set up on the kid’s android phone by an adult in the family. The app then allows to monitor and regulate browsing activity on the targeted phone. So if your kid wishes to download an app, the Family Link app will send you a notification, asking you to approve or block the download. Time spent on a particular app can also be monitored, and if they think it exceeds the amount of time their kid should spend on the phone, they can set a daily screen time limits for the device. Your kid is stubborn just like you? The Family Link app also allows remote locking of your kid’s device when it’s time to study or hitting the bed.

However, the Family Link app is available only for US users and by invitation only. Also, one needs devices which run Android 7.0 Nougat or higher and your child must be under 13 years of age for enabling Family Link app supervision. If you meet the prerequisites, you can request an invite on the Family Link page.