We just updated you guys about the all new engagement service Tata Sky has launched. Called as the Tata Sky World series, the India exclusive pop-up service will bring popular global content right onto TV.  It will go live on 19 March 2017 and will be available to all Tata Sky subscribers for a period of one month via Tata Sky’s Set-Top-Box & Tata Sky Mobile App at no additional cost.

Well, the first to debut on the World Series will be ‘Gomorrah’, an Italian crime drama. Recently, we got a chance to attend the exclusive screening of the TV series and here is what we think about it.

Before that, here’s a little something about the TV series. ‘Gomorrah’ is Italy’s popular television series which premiered in May of 2014. It is a crime drama series that is set in a city of Italy. It is all about organized crime and everything that goes around it.

The series is often regarded as Italy’s answer to America’s most critically acclaimed show of all time, Breaking Bad. Gomorrah is based on the book that goes by the same name written by Roberto Saviano. On the very first glance the show seems to be reminiscent of many others but once you start understanding the storyline, you shall realize that this Italian recipe has its own distinct flavour that will keep you glued to it for quite some time.

The first episode of Gomorrah kicks off with Attilio (played by Antonio Milo) and Ciro (played by Marco D’Amore) discussing life at a fuel station. They fill up a can with fuel and head for the kill. Both the men are shown to be a part of a powerful clan in the region headed by Don Pietro Savastano (played by Fortunato Cerlino). Savastano orders Ciro and Attilio burn down his gang’s arch rival, Salvatore Conte (played by Marco Palvetti). The duo is successful in setting Conte’s house on fire and run away from the scene without getting caught. The incident triggers a serious gang war between rivals. Killing Conte and his whole clan becomes the ultimate mission for the protagonists.

While most of the part is all about gangsters locking horns with each other with the only aim to kill one another, there are also some bits that are completely opposite. These bloodthirsty gangsters have their own families who get wrapped in the criminal drama without any fault of their own which makes the situation worse. The show is about relationships of a gangster with one another, drug dealers, and ultimately, ordinary people.

The new Gomorrah TV series will appeal to audiences who are interested in such dark flavoured stories but there is a small issue. The series that will be aired in India on Tata Sky’s new World Series service will run with subtitles. So getting accustomed to the ‘reading’ part of the cinematic experience will surely take a while but once you get the hang of it then the show will definitely keep you away from your daily soaps. the actors have done a fantastic job and the back drop, location, shots and scenes have taken all of their efforts a notch higher. The visuals are intimidating and so is the background score.

Here was our quick review of the upcoming Gomorrah TV series Episode one. DO let us know what you think about the show after it goes live on 19 March 2017 only on Tata Sky World Series.