Until now, all of us used to think that all those machines in the air are state-of-the-art creations which can fly to destinations precisely, without ever getting lost. But this video will shatter that belief. It happened when an Mi-8 gunship landed on a snow filled highway in Kazakhstan, and blocked a truck convoy.

Surprising the drivers, a crew member then got out and started making a run towards the truck. After introducing himself, he shook the hand of the driver, and then started to point his arms in different directions. Soon after, he returned to the helicopter, took off, and continued as if nothing had happened. According to RT.com the voices on the radio in the background were rather amused by this. “They were lost. He came to ask which way to Aktobe” to which another says “How can you get lost in the steppe? How the hell can you get lost in the steppe?”

However, according to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense, the helicopter (carrying four rocket pods) was involved in a “planned visual orienteering exercise,” in which trainee pilots were told to determine their location “including by means of human survey.” According to the statement, cited by the local media, the exercise was a “success.”