Here’s a story which will inspire. It will restore your belief in human resolve and make you believe in the power of your own hands. Cara Brookins is a single mother of four. After leaving her “abusive and violent” husband in 2008, life was a bit of a struggle for her and for most things, do-it-yourself wasn’t just an option anymore.

But where most get bogged down by life’s punches, Cara triumphed above it all with this one Knock Out blow. Because the family required a bigger place to stay, Cara found a house which was ravaged in a tornado and could be rebuilt. But she couldn’t afford an architect or hire workers to get the job done. So her kids, aged 17, 15, 11 and 2 and their mom, decided to get their hands dirty.


However, with no prior experience in architecture or construction, Cara found a friend in YouTube. She watched ‘How To’ tutorials, got all the construction material and built a house that has now been valued at somewhere around $500,000. Is made of the finest Steel, this woman. Oh and some mortar too. Her success story has been inked in an autobiographical book entitled Rise, How A House Built A Family, released last week.