Users sampling WhatsApp’s beta version for iPhone were recently able to test the app’s recall and edit features. it allowed them to revoke and edit messages which were sent to contacts already. The same feature is now being tested on the app’s beta version for Android.

While regular users will have to wait for this feature to appear on their phones, these features are disabled by default even on the Beta version that runs on a rooted phone. As per the twitter handle @WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp for Android versions 2.17.25 and 2.17.26 have the new edit and revoke features embedded within.

Apart from the ‘Edit’ option, these beta versions for Android also get a Recall option which works when the user long presses on the message which needs to be called back or edited. However, for now, both these features work only if the recipient hasn’t seen the message from the sender. While there is no certainty as when will both these features be introduced on for regular users, WhatsApp users on their iPhones can now share up to 30 images at one go and queue their messages – a feature that has been available on the app’s Android version for some time now.