The upcoming iPhone 8 may be made available in three different sizes. According to report on DigiTimes, Samsung is all set to supply the AMOLED Panels for the new iPhone series. The regular 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhones will sport the usual TFT-LCD panels that Apple has been using since a long time. The Samsung supplied AMOLED panels will be used to develop bigger 5.8 inch displays for the iPhone.

With Samsung being the AMOLED supplier for bigger iPhones, rumours have begun floating the internet. It is speculated that Apple will now also come up with a dual curved edge display. This will be similar to the Samsung S7 Edge and Note 7. If sources from The Korean Herald are to be believed, Apple may also be using Samsung made curved plastic OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 8.

According to the Korean media, Apple has already placed a huge order with Samsung to produce curved plastic OLED displays in numbers that run into millions. According to reports, these OLED panels will be wrapped around the edges to create a bezel less design. These cosmetic upgrades are surely aimed to create a stir among iPhone enthusiasts. However, with no official news from Apple yet, one must take these reports with a pinch of salt.