Having beaten the Short Messaging Service to death, it can be comfortably said that WhatsApp is now the primary messaging app on almost every smartphone on the planet. But that hasn’t made the app makers rest easy, as a constant trickle of updates has kept the messaging platform in sync with moving times and user expectations. Here’s what you should expect from the next few updates that are being currently tested on the app’s beta version and should make it to the actual app shortly.

Live Location Sharing

The option for users to share their location with friends in a group chat, who can then track them Live, is currently being tested on WhatsApp beta versions for iPhone and 2.16.399 for Android. A new ‘Show My Friends’ option makes your live location accessible to the specified audience for a few minutes or indefinitely – according to your preference.

Status Change Notification

WhatsApp is also said to be working on a feature that notifies users when one of their contacts changes their status message. Users will also be able to make a status message delete itself after 24 hours. The app is also rumored to get a fourth tab for Statuses, which will sit along with the existing Chats, Calls, and Contacts tab.

Other Features

A new ‘Contact Us’ button could be added for users to┬ásend feedback to the developers directly. While the app will notify the user if the phone begins to run out of battery during a live call. A recent update for iOS users has increased the limit of sharing media files to 30 at one go, while like Android users, folks on iPhone can queue messages now.

Source: wabetainfo