Get ready to be hit by a little bit of 8-bit, as Super Mario Run is all set to hit the Android platform. Already available on iOS, fans of the running game featuring the iconic character can now pre-register via the Play Store. Once Nintendo makes it available for download, free access will be limited, and to play the full game, one will need to fall back on in-app purchase options.

It won’t be an experience similar to the good ole’ days though, as Mario will keep running continuously, whereas users will only have control over his jumps. That familiar sound when he collects a coin will perhaps still remain, as will the last jump to the pole, those fireworks and the Princess. Oh and before you revel in some nostalgia, the game will require a constant internet connection too.

Apparently, after its introduction on the iOS platform, Super Mario Run hasn’t been received too well by critics. Although Nintendo has promised more frequent and interesting updates to keep the plumber running.