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Samsung’s galaxy did explode itself onto the smartphone stage for all these years, enchanting and attracting a huge customer base worldwide. However, some literal explosions this year managed to rattle quite a lot of that fan base and some flight passengers too lately.

In order to regain some of that lost sheen, a new Galaxy S8 is said to be in the works and could well pack 8 GB of RAM and UFS 2.1 Flash storage to go with that no so random memory. Another feature the Galaxy S8 could arrive with is something Samsung’s calling the ‘Beast’ mode. Although not much is known as what exactly will happen once you activate the mode, but as the name suggests, we expect that mode to leverage all that’s there in the chip’s and RAM’s belly, and hog the battery while at it.

Another rumor flying around is that there will also be a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus along with the S8. The former will sport a 6-inch SUPER AMOLED screen and will try to regain lost ground in the Note 7 space.