Your next iPhone purchase could be a little easy on your pockets. Apple is reported to be setting up an iPhone manufacturing facility in Bangalore and assembly operations could begin as early as April 2017. Wistron, one of Apple’s Taiwanese OEM makers, has pin pointed Peenya, one of Bangalore’s industrial hubs, as the location to start operations.

Initially, iPhones will be assembled at the facility, post which, full scale manufacturing operations will begin by the end of next year. The report holds a lot of water, as Apple India clocked a strong sales figure of  Rs. 9,997 crores in the year 2016, a hike of 56% from Rs. 6,472 crores in the previous year. Apple sold 2.5 million iPhones in India from October 2015 to September 2016, which is a strong reason for the Cupertino based manufacturer to now expand its presence in the country.

Local manufacturing will also help Apple price the iPhone pretty competitively in the Indian market, as direct imports currently attract a duty of 12.5%. For some of you reading this and also scouting for jobs, Apple’s portal has also published some job openings for its OEM factory in Bengaluru.