A brand that made quite a name for itself in the late nineties in India, is re-entering the Indian consumer electronics space. Japanese electronics major Akai, has tied up with an Indian electronics distributor, Paras Group, to restart their operations in the country.

With a turnover of Rs 600 crore, Paras Group is already involved in distribution of products made by LG, Daikin, Nikon and Sony. According to Mr Anurag Sharma, Head of Hometech Digital, a part of the Paras Group, they will enter the market initially with Televisions, Air-conditioners, air purifiers, washing machines and home theaters. Mr Sharma is confident of this venture as the brand name ‘Akai’, still has good recall in the country.

For now, high-end products will be imported as completely built units, while moderately priced consumer goods will be imported in kit form from Taiwan and China, and will be assembled locally.

Source: TOI