Here’s another kickass sound machine from iXOOST designer Mirco Percorari. Dubbed as the Radial6, this audio dock is a masterpiece that draws inspiration from flying machines. Previously, we had seen that truly astounding ESAVOX carbon fibre docking station speaker for the same brand created in collaboration with Lamborghini. It was inspired by the Raging Bull’s mean machines that know nothing apart from speed, power and style!


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Speaking of the Radial6, the device is said to be designed primarily with heart and passion, inspired by those unique aeronautic details from the radial engine to the flap, from the hangar to the flight, not to mention the pilot himself. It is inspired by the world of planes – part and parcel of the DNA of the iXOOST designer Mirco Percorari.


The Radial6 is said to be the first sound dock that draws inspiration from the world of planes and includes design and mechanical elements like nose cones, cylinders and flaps, and a signature tailpipe.  It looks like an old radial plane engine with a nose cone that is carved from a solid block. The supporting blade is carved out of a solid block as well. All of its cables have been passed through the inside of the block that leaves no unwanted tangles outside.


Its speaker setup comprises two 28mm tweeters, four 57mm midrange speakers, and a 165mm woofer at the rear. At a price of € 9,500 ( approx INR 7 Lakhs), the Radial6 is available with a few customization options, and accessories.

The specs of the iXOOST Radial6 are as follows:

Model iXOOST Radial6
Description Audio system for iPod/iPhone
Material Anticorodal 6082
Speakers 2x 28mm Silk Dome Tweeter

4x 57mm Midrange / PPM cone

1x 165mm Extended Range

PPM cone

1x 200mm Subwoofer

High density flux ferrite

Amplifier 4x 25W

1x 270W (active subwoofer)

Frequency response 38 – 20.000Hz
Input voltage 100V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power Supply 12VDC
Inputs 3.5mm stereo audio jack
Height 443mm (17.5 in)
Width 406mm (16.0 in)

360mm (14.2 in)