For all the ladies out there scavenging for a funky smart phone, here’s a beautiful device you can’t miss. It’s called the Nextbit Robin, and it might just be the phone that you’ve been looking for. Here are five reasons why the Nextbit Robin is a great choice for the image conscious ladies.

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The Robin has been designed Scott Croyle, the man who designed the iconic HTC One line of phones. With his deep understanding of product design, Scott has ensured that the Robin looks like nothing else on the market. It really stands out with its geometrical shapes.


Complementing the fantastic design of the Robin are the vivid, and mostly feminine colors the model is available in. Those light colors are pleasant to the eyes, and it’s not a coincidence, as heavy research has gone into their selection. You can get the Robin in three colour options – the Mint, midnight and the fresh entrant – Ember.


Lightweight and easy to handle

The Robin tips the scales at about 150 grams, which is commendably light, more so when the fairer sex is involved. Also, the 5.2-inch display is about as large as women like it, and the phone is well built too.


Loads of memory

As for storage, there’s 32 GB of memory on tap, but the Robin’s USP is its cloud storage feature. The Robin can sync your data on the phone to the cloud and create space on the device. Up to 100 GB of space is available for each device. Four tiny lights on the back indicate that the Robin is busy solving storage issues.

intuitive OS

Easy, intuitive UI

The Robin’s OS is Android, while the user interface is Nextbit’s own. The interface is simple to use, and relatively uncomplicated. The UI loses the app drawer and all the apps are put up on the home screen itself. It’s a simple, no-nonsense interface which should delight the girls who want to keep it simple.

Check out our review of the phone to know more about it. You can but the Robin exclusively through Flipkart in India.