Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm with its new augmented reality gameplay. The game has not only brought new way of entertainment but has also brought couch potatoes out of their homes. The buzz about the game is so much that it has recorded more engagement of users than apps like Twitter and Tinder. Reportedly, it has also crushed the saga of a world famous candy game. The credit goes to Niantic who managed to develop a one of a kind game for Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon characters have been close to our hearts since ages. Cute little Pikachu, mighty fire-breathing Charizard, mystic Mewtwo, and many others (700+ to give a number) have been a part of our childhood through animated films, video games, and comics. We all know that most of these characters evolve from and into some character that has advanced powers and strengths. This evolution keeps the family growing and allows the characters to compete with each other of their own size. But what if these characters had a chance to evolve into cars? Say no more hoomans, the folks at Carwow have put their minds together for this bizarre idea.

The artists have turned our favourite Pokemon characters into cute car-toons, have a look! Some may like it and some may just hate it, but whatever it may be a big thumbs up to the artists!

Bulbasaur Evoque Convertible

Bulbasaur – Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Charmander Porsche Cayman

Charmander – Porsche Cayman

Jigglypuff Fiat 500

Jigglypuff – Fiat 500

Lapras Nissan Figaro

Lapras – Nissan Figaro

Meowth AMG GT-R

Meowth – Mercedes-AMG GT R

Mewtwo Lexus LC500

Mewtwo – Lexus LC500

Snorlax Porsche Macan

Snorlax – Porsche Macan

Squirtle VW Beetle

Squirtle – Volkswagen Beetle

Togepi RX8

Togepi – Mazda RX-8

And now, its time for the one you have been eagerly waiting for!

Pikachu Nissan Juke

Pikachu – Nissan Juke

Do let us know who is your favorite of the lot from the comments section below!

Source: Carwow