OnePlus mobiles have gained a popularity among the tech savvy Indian customers which only a few manufacturers enjoy. Using this privilege to do their bit in return, the company has teamed up with Oxxy health group to provide free educational camps on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Users of OnePlus devices in India will get exclusive invites to get them freely tested for STDs in various health camps the company plans to set up across the country. Non OnePlus users can also avail the facility as the offer is meant for India as a whole and not for a selected group of people.


Oxxy health group is a renowned organization working towards not only educating the masses but also conducting health camps to get people treated for various kinds of diseases. Its current focus is on the rising instances of STDs in India, especially among the youth. Partnering with a mobile phone manufacturing company can help it reach out more extensively and effectively among the people of all age groups.  Oxxy health group also works on monitoring healthcare prices across the country.

Pankaj Gupta -  Founder OXXY

Pankaj Gupta, Founder, Oxxy Halth Group, said on the occasion of teaming up with OnePlus Mobiles, we at OXXY have always been working towards the aim of a healthier nation. Awareness and education on STD’s is still lacking in the country. We are glad that companies like OnePlus who are so popular amongst the youth is an integral part of the campaign to educate the masses.


This is a serious initiative from a mobile phone manufacturing company which has so far seen no takers among the other established companies. Reaching out to the public through such an initiative can surely do wonders for its future.

Would you as customers buy a OnePlus mobile, knowing that some part of your money will go towards making the nation a healthier place? Do let us know through the comments section below or through our social media channels.