A research firm named ‘Trend Force’ has come up with speculations regarding the new iPhone – iPhone 7, which is expected to be launched next year. According to the aforementioned research firm, the phone could feature a significant memory boost and also sport water proof technology. The firm also speculates regarding Apple launching another 4 inch iPhone next year. The new iPhone is expected to feature a 3 GB RAM. However, Trend Force refrained from mentioning whether the smaller iPhone which it expects the company to launch will sport similar significant memory or not.


Apple may also have plans to have the ‘Plus’ models of its iPhone line up to be richer in features in the coming years. The speculation of the new iPhone 7 being waterproof definitely seems plausible as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus phones were found to be exceptionally water resistant by reviewers and users. However, Apple never made any announcement regarding the same. The company may just be waiting to make the announcement with the launch of the new iPhone 7, when it is surer of its water resistant technology.

iphone-7 design

It is however interesting to note that almost all top end phones by Samsung are water resistant and all phones in the Motorola line up, which were launched in the last couple of years, feature this technology. Motorola even made its budget phone the Moto E water resistant. And considering all that, Apple seems to be a tad too late to join the race. However, as expectations always soar northwards with Apple products, we expect the new iPhone 7 to be exceptionally water proof, which can defeat other water proof phones by a huge margin.

iphone-7 interior

Trend Force makes the above mentioned speculations regarding the iPhone 7 while estimating that the company will manage to ship approximately 260 million iPhone units next year while registering a growth of 12.5 percent and claiming 18.5 percent of the market share.